roof ventilation


Without effective ventilation, heat will build up in your attic and cause a variety of problems. If you suspect your roofing problems are coming from poor ventiliation, now is the time to contact Home Roofing Solutions. When we consult with you for your new roof or roof replacement, we'll be able to pin point the ventilation problem, and recommend the best roof ventilation solution to be included with your new roof.

As part of the new roof process, one of our Roofing Advisors will give your home a thorough Multi Point Inspection to determine if there are any faults with your ventilation, and recommend the right ventilation solution to go along with your new roof. Home Roofing Solutions wants to make sure your home is equipped with adequate ventilation so your new roof can stand the test of time.

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roof attic damage


Thinking about a new roof due to poor ventilation? Your roof might have inadequate ventilation if you notice:

  • Black mold or mildew growing on your walls or roof
  • Water stains on your ceiling or walls because of moisture buildup
  • Shingles that are curling from extreme heat coming from your attic

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