Roof Damage After A Storm – Now What?

Maine is well known for its four seasons, and with each one, a variety of weather concerns.

Wind, rain, sleet, snow, ice and hail all have one thing in common when it comes to your home. They affect your roof first!

Consider the wind storm that blew through Eastern and Central Maine this week. High winds made for a dangerous morning commute, and the perfect opportunity for falling debris to do some serious damage to area homes. Most of us woke up to debris and tree limbs scattered around, some landing on the roof. So how do you know if your home and your roof are okay?

What To Do After A Bad Storm -

Even though your roof may be designed to withstand wind and harsh elements, damage can still occur due to falling debris or simply because of the age of your roof. Whether you currently have an asphalt shingle roof, a metal roof, or a roof that has seen many years of Maine weather, here are a few recommendations we make to all homeowners after a storm takes place -

  1. Assess the situation depending on the amount of debris on your roof. Safely remove the debris or call in an expert who can help. Perform a visual inspection of the roof, the shingles, and the frame. Take note of any damage that is visible.
  2. Look for damage inside the home, especially if the storm was severe. You may notice water spots, stains, or other key issues resulting from roof damage.
  3. Finally, not all damage can be seen through a visual inspection. If it’s been awhile since you’ve replaced your roof or the damage seems detrimental to your home – call us at Home Roofing Solutions and schedule a FREE 20 point roof inspection as soon as possible. Our Roofing Advisors will be able to assess your situation, and make a recommendation on what to do next including a roof repair or roof replacement - keeping you and your family safe!

Maine weather isn’t going anywhere, and neither are we! Home Roofing Solutions is here to help all homeowners, whether we have all just experienced a bad storm or if you think it might be time for a new roof! We carry the best roofing products to help withstand the harsh Maine weather, with incredible warranties, and our great financing plans - as low as $99 a month!

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