Metal Roofing Is On The Rise In Maine!

As you drive down any road around Bangor, Newport, Waterville, Ellsworth, practically anywhere – you’re sure to see a ton of different roof colors, products, and styles. One aspect of roofing that has been on the rise over the last few years, specifically here in Maine, is Metal Roofing. As Mainers, we experience a wide variety of weather patterns, from extreme heat in the Summer, to damaging winds or thunderstorms. Or even a good ol’ Nor’easter! Wind, rain & snow damage can cause a wide variety of roof problems, from a small leak, to thousands of dollars in costly repairs if left unaddressed. A lot of homeowners in Maine have been turning to a Metal Roof installation to help better protect their home and family. Metal Roofing has become popular for many reasons, and it’s one of the specialty new roof solutions we offer at Home Roofing Solutions!

According to, many homeowners have become frustrated with finding the right Metal Roofing products to install on their own, and they end up turning to alternative methods that don’t have the lifetime value, or longevity that a new Metal Roof can provide. Why do it yourself, when you can hire a professional roofing company!

Metal Roofing is an important part of our roofing services at Home Roofing Solutions, and if you want the best roof to protect your home from mother nature, a Metal Roof might be the best option for your home.

In order to find out what Metal Roofing solution may be right for your home, schedule a FREE roof inspection with us at Home Roofing Solutions today and we’ll assess your current situation, and provide you with the best quality Metal Roofing solution, with color and style in mind! Call us today at 207-269-4663 and take advantage of $1,000 off your roof in August 2020! Or schedule a FREE roofing inspection today with Home Roofing Solutions!